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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BMW E60 Best

 BMW E60 Best
 BMW E60 Best BMW E60 Best

is the BMW 5 Series automobile, replacing the BMW E39 in 2003. It was replaced by the BMW F10 from Spring 2010.When the E60 was first introduced, many die-hard BMW fans were quick to shoot down the then future model. After much criticism, the E60 became extremely popular among the BMW community as well as the Euro-Car community. It soon surpassed sales of all previous 5 Series models. Furthermore, the E60 was used as a "benchmark" to design many vehicles that were produced after the E60. There are many similar qualities in different automobiles when looking at two side by side. For example, it is rumored that Honda Accord was modeled after the E60. The E60 gained even more acclaim after the LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) model was released in 2008. This LCI model just included a "face-lift" of the front and rear end of the vehicle. This "face-lift" included new front bumper, fog lights, head lights, tail lights, and trunk. The interior was also slightly remodeled as well.

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